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At LABFITNESS your health and well-being are of paramount importance to us.  With this in mind it is compulsory that all our students complete our registration and medical questionnaire prior to participating in your first class. This can be completed on-line (scroll to the bottom of this page) or at our reception.  If you have any concerns regarding your suitability for yoga we advise that you speak to a doctor prior to a class. We would respectfully ask that you sign in and confirm your current state of health. This is a precautionary measure and will allow us to give you good advice prior to class .

Laura Armada-Buch is a fully qualified and insured Hot Yoga instructor and has vast knowledge of taking classes, thus ensuring your yoga experience is both rewarding and of great benefit to you.



You have probably guessed from the name, the way in which hot yoga differs from other forms of yoga is that classes are performed in temperatures that are as high as 42 degrees. The overall aims are the same; to increase flexibility, improve posture and achieve all over body conditioning. However, the intense sauna-like conditions created by the heat chamber provides a mentally challenging workout which leaves you with a feeling of immense achievement.

Hot Yoga provides a full body workout from the inside out, engaging every cell, tissue, organ, muscle and ligament to improve both physical and mental strength. It balances stretching and flexibility whilst increasing heart rate to deliver a cardiovascular workout too.

The Benefits of Hot Yoga?

  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Detoxification
  • Joint lubrication to alleviate stiffness and discomfort
  • Improved fitness, mental strength and overall performance
  • Boosts immune system


  • The Heat – The heat chamber is warmed using the same technology that is used to heat baby incubators, providing a hygienic, warm environment. The idea behind the heat is that warm muscles stretch further with reduced risk of injury and that as you sweat your body releases toxins. Whilst your body fights to stay cool, your pulse rate increases resulting in more calories being burnt. Heat also causes your capillaries to dilate, which allows oxygen to be more effectively and evenly distributed to tissues, muscles, glands, and organs, to help remove more toxins from your body.
  • Sweating - As your body sweats in an attempt to stay cool, dirt is removed from your pores and waste excreted via your liver and kidneys. Sweating also stimulates your metabolism and immune system helping you to burn calories more efficiently and stay healthy.
  • Concentration - The challenging environment makes it difficult for your mind to stay focused. As you fight to concentrate under the intense conditions, your ability to focus and your mental strength should improve.
  • Breath Control – Any form of yoga improves your breath control as your breathing connects your body and mind to help you hold poses. By learning to breath correctly you can help to calm the body and mind and help circulate oxygen more efficiently through your body.



  • Arrive 15 minutes before class begins to allow yourself time to sign in and prepare for class.
  • All classes are 75 minutes
  • Please come on an empty stomach (don’t eat 2/3 hours before class) and well hydrated (drink at least one litre of water before and after class).
  • No shoes in the yoga studio.
  • Please turn off all mobile phones.
  • No eating in the yoga studio.
  • Bring a yoga towel (non slip). You can hire them at reception for €2 or buy one for €20. No one will be allowed into class without a yoga towel/beach towel. If you dont have a yoga towel, you can bring a large beach towel
  • Bring large amounts of water
  • Wear light clothes; remember you’ll be sweating so anything heavy or baggy will be uncomfortable. Shorts and a t-shirt/crop top would be suitable.
  • If you feel like resting during the class sit down on your mat and drink some water.
  • Please print the MEDICAL FORM below, fill it in and bring it with you to your first class
  • Relax and ENJOY yourself, we’re all working together!!  … Just listen to your own body and do as much as you can in class, gradually building it up over time.